Donald “Jesse” Franklin-Owens Announces Candidacy for Grant County Commission

Grant County, NM --- Don “Jesse” Franklin-Owens has formally announced his candidacy for Grant County Commissioner, District 1.  District 1 is comprised of approximately 6,000 citizens and includes all of Arenas Valley, the Brewer Hill area of Silver City and the Village of Santa Clara.

Franklin-Owens moved to Grant County in 1978 and received his Bachelor of Academic Studies from Western New Mexico University in 1983 and a Masters in International Montessori Elementary Education in Washington, DC in 1984.  Shortly thereafter, Franklin-Owens began work at the Guadalupe Montessori School in Silver City and founded the elementary program in 1984.  After close to ten years at the Guadalupe Montessori School, in 1993, Franklin-Owens founded the Meadow Hawk Erdkinder Junior High School, based on Montessori principles.  The Erdkinder school was the first of its kind in southern NM and was open from 1993-2010.  In addition to his teaching experience, Franklin-Owens has built two small businesses, focusing on improving the community and environment.  Meadow Hawk Recycling began in 1994 to support firefighters with their recycling efforts. In 2008 he founded Meadow Hawk Water, a potable water delivery company that serves all of Grant County.  Franklin-Owens also has been growing and selling at the Silver City Farmers Market since 1994. He has volunteered for seven years with the Whiskey Creek Volunteer Fire Department, and is currently Battalion Chief at Station 1 in Arenas Valley.

Franklin-Owens passion for community is well established.   He has served on numerous local committees  including: Silver City Skate Park Committee; Comprehensive Land Use Planning for Grant County; Trails and Open Space Committee; and Grant County Peace Coalition. 

Franklin-Owens has also served Boards of the following organizations: Silver City Food Co-op, Silver City Farmers Market; Gila Resources Information Project; KURU Radio Station; and the Instituto de Paz en las Americas.

Jesse and his family are deeply rooted in Grant County.  He and his wife Georgeann married in 1980.   They have resided in Arenas Valley since 1985 in the solar adobe home they built.   Jesse and Georgeann have four children, three who are residents of Grant County: Shanti, Aspen, Joseph and Tierra and four grandchildren:  Jorydn, Kodah, Olivia, and Zinnia. 

“I am running for Grant County Commissioner District 1, first and foremost, to serve the community that I love.” said Jesse.  He has launched a “Listening Tour” in his district and plans to meet and listen to as many groups, officials, and citizens to assess the sentiments and breadth of issues that voters feel need attention and to champion efficient projects that benefit us all.   “I will embrace diversity and hope to bridge divisions in our community to find sustainable solutions to problems we face.  I will work to protect the Gila Wilderness from all encroachments.  Acknowledging our concerns over water supply issues, I will actively work to secure our water future.  I strongly believe we can meet our water needs without damming the Gila River.  Additionally, I will work with the community to repurpose the land around Ft. Bayard.”  

“Voter interest and community involvement are at their highest levels in many years.  I hope to build upon all our region’s success. I know we can achieve our goals if we work together, and it would be a privilege to have your support.”

You may contact Don “Jesse” Franklin-Owens at 575-313-3566

"Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others,
or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope,
and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring,
those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest wall of
oppression and resistance."
Robert Kennedy